Cattle Farming

Cattle Farming

Women Empowerment Project

This project will play a major role in empowering women. Every yard in the village is a connected farm.This farm is the responsibility of the householder of the family.

This plan is arranged with 200 families under Tulatli Digital Village Center.

what we are doing

1. 200 women are being trained as farmers.
2. 10 youths are being developed as entrepreneurs.
They will be the focus of this business.
3. Arrangements are being made for grass cultivation by taking several land leases under the management of entrepreneurs, so that there is no shortage of grass.

What to do now

1. First, the initial investment of entrepreneurs is going on, to start with 1 cow each.
2. Cows will be collected and reared in Barga system. And this barga system has been going on for thousands of years in our country.

Category - Short Term.
30,000/ per unit Maximum booking of 05 units
Up to 40% of dividend.
The investor will get a possible dividend of 40%, at the end of the project period, the capital and dividend will be transferred to the investor's bank account from Epalli.

Location - Tulatli, Ukhia Cox's Bazar. Shaturia, Manikganj.

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