Build & Design
Transforming the agri value
chain through technology
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Democratizing Farming & Revolutionizing
Bangladeshi Agriculture
Making precision agriculture the future
Building sustainable and smart technology
Redefender the journey of farm to fork

IoT Based Farm Management

An easy-to-use farm management platformthat assists agricultural stakeholders across the value chain

Crop Assessment

using AI, ML, GIS
Transform your plantation with effective
crop-level insights using the strength of
AI, ML & so much more!

Intelligent goods &

settlement services

Smooth trading with simple & secure payments
and dispute-free settlement mechanism.

Input & Output marketplace

One-stop solution to buy inputs.
Trade your quality crops at the best prices.

Agri fintech services

Envisioning a world free of financial burden

by democratizing lending credits for farmers.

Buy or sell at your terms!

We’re establishing a modern ecosystem for commodity trading and redefining the value chain in commodities.

Enabling seamless purchases at your fingertips.

Now buy stock at the best market price by creating your own trade and negotiating directly with the counter-party.

Founder's Message

We’re doing what others don’t, putting the power in small holder farmers hands with technology.

Agriculture and farmers are one of the golden chapters in the progress of the economic development of Bangladesh. He is  an entrepreneur by born. Farming families means entrepreneurial families.
e-Farmers Bangladesh Ltd. seeks to bring services to the doorsteps of farmers with the help of technology in the current era of globalization.
We are working on poverty alleviation with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) target of 2041 in mind.
We are working on increasing the capacity of farmers, creating agri-entrepreneurs, facilitating credit facilities, and integrating farmers with the e-market system.
Zahiduzzaman Syeed
Co-Founder & Managing Director








The Best Agriculture Market

Agriculture and farmers are one of the golden chapters in the progress of the economic development of Bangladesh.

1000 Regeistered Agropreneur

20000 Plus Registered Farmers

Access to finance to the small holder Fafmers

Our Testimonials

The biggest problem of farmers in the agricultural sector in Bangladesh is the lack of own capital or capital. Due to lack of money at the time of need, farmers cannot buy agricultural inputs at the right time. Due to this, the produce has to be sold prematurely at a low price. As an alternative to this problem, they take small loans from various lending institutions or from village moneylenders with various conditions at high interest rates. Take In addition, the many times they buy products at a higher price than the market. While doing this, the farmers are always in some kind of crisis. Because of which they cannot purchase the right agricultural inputs at the right time or the cost of purchasing agricultural inputs doubles. Farmers can play an effective role in solving this problem by using agricultural friendly A-Card.
Zia Ashraf
Co-Founder & COO
Agriculture & farmers are the main chapter of our development. The success of our country depends on sole prosperity of our farmers. But in this aspect, our farmers are being deprived of their general rights. Bangladesh holds an estimation of 55% of the small holder farmers. From that, 85% of the farmers in our country are left without the conventional credit facilities from the banks. As a result, these farmers are left with little to no options but to take loan against a 25% or more interest. As a result, initiative taken by e-farmers to provide certain facilities related to bank loans for these small holder farmers is a big step forward.
Salma Abedin
First Vice - President
Lions Club of Dhaka Knit Concern
District 315 A2, Bangladesh

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